Reviews by VOLTER

White noise 2 is a typical multiplayer indie horror game that turned out to be quite a decent… Read More
Expected project from 2K Czech. Actions take place in the 60s. The game was clearly not technically… Read More
Do you remember your childhood? When you still do not know how to talk and barely move. I'm… Read More
In this game you have to unravel the mystery of the vessel, which went missing along with the crew… Read More
At first I liked it a lot, but after playing a little longer, the opinion about the game has fallen… Read More
Very emotional and unpredictable story. Your every subsequent choice can turn the plot upside down… Read More
The coolest atmosphere, with a fucking storyline and characters. I always dreamed of living in… Read More
From the start, I liked Tekken. Which of the fighting games is the best? Street Fighter? Mortal… Read More
A game with a dynamic gameplay, which left a huge mark on the theme with zombies. Read More
This game makes you think about many important things that people do not notice in everyday life. A… Read More