Among the Sleep

Unusual interpretation of the main plot problem...and boring process

The game tells about the adventures of a small child, either in a dream or in his own imagination. Having celebrated his second birthday with mom and playing with the animated teddy bear, the baby goes to bed. And at this time begins a wondrous and dangerous dive into the world of dreams and fantasies. The huge parental home transforms into dark forests, a swamp and huts, which are fragments of memories and images. The coat in a dark closet turns into a creepy monster from which it is better to stay away. A small kitchen becomes a testing ground. Indeed, for each drawer, you can climb and climb it onto the table. All the usual things in the child’s subconscious mind change to immutability.


The problem in these grandiose scenery from the point of view of the child is the most that there is a primitive and mediocre first-person horror. Moreover, among the Sleep horror can be called only with a big stretch. For the whole game they will try to scare us only a couple of times, and even that is not very successful. Most of the time, we will just have to walk around sophisticated locations and stare around to find the right things. Often excursions to fantastic levels alternate with simple acrobatics, which are poorly made here. It is unclear what the problem is here, but in the game the main character does not always manage to climb even on a stool or chest of drawers.


Running awkwardly or just crawling on all fours along game locations, the main character will often solve different puzzles. Somewhere you need to find the missing parts for the puzzles, somewhere to find the key to the closed door. And you need to look for memories associated with the mother. It is they who are the main engine of the plot, which then translate into a piercing and frightening reliable ending. But it turns out that the authors are talking about those things that they started talking about in video games quite recently: about the family, about responsibility, about addiction. and let the developers do it in an unpretentious and sometimes too primitive way, but they do it well. Scattered throughout the location of children's drawings betray a completely different meaning. They depict not just scribbles, but the most vivid impressions of the child. And they are not always dedicated to joyful events. True, when the enlightenment comes to you Among the Sleep already ends.

If it were not for the dull and poorly worked out process, the game could be recommended to everyone and everyone because it is a small but very meaningful work.

Score 6 out of 10


  • The idea
  • Story
  • Atmosphere
  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Short