White Noise 2

Terribly interesting horror

There is no plot as such. But there is a very interesting gameplay.

Players are divided into two teams: 4 people play for researchers, who must collect 8 evidence, after which it will become known the location of a sanctuary of a monster that needs to be destroyed, which will mark the victory of people. Another player plays for the creature - one of eight monsters with superpowers, whose goal is to gobble up all the little people and not give them the opportunity to expel themselves.


No weapons! Monsters are only afraid of the light, which can briefly stun or expel a monster. This fact alone makes the game much worse than the famous Left 4 dead.

All heroes (people and creatures) have their own characteristics (for humans, for example, courage, speed, stealth, etc., and for creatures - light fastness, strength, perception, etc.), which can vary depending on equipment and other factors. There are unique items for both sides: for people - lanterns, and idols (something like totems) for creatures. All these items are offered from a fairly large list, each of which differs in its characteristics and appearance.

The game has various skins for characters (people and creatures), which also gives the game more variety.


I would also like to note that even though the game gives itself out as a multiplayer game, it also has a single player mode. Here (when playing as a man) you can really feel the real horror. After all, playing alone is a completely different matter. A terrible atmosphere, sounds and rustles, and sometimes even screamers - you can tickle your nerves quite well.


Of the minuses, one can distinguish only: very low online (apparently due to the lack of PR of the game) and the obvious imbalance of some characters in relation to others.

In general, a pretty good game with a decent variety of heroes, skins, items and locations. The opportunity to visit the skin of a hunter or prey. Play with friends (or just random people) in an online game, or have some fun alone.

In general, this game will be something to keep yourself busy.

Score 8 out of 10


  • Interesting gameplay
  • Atmosphere
  • Sound
  • Good graphics
  • A variety of monsters
  • Weak online
  • Lack of a normal plot