Dead by Daylight

Very specific game

The only advantage of this game is to go along with friends and play an hour or two in co-op mode before going to bed.



The rest - the game is dark, unpleasant, with a huge number of bugs, etc. And the most disgusting in this game is its developers, who don't care about mistakes and imbalances in the game. They add a bunch of DLS to the game, they constantly update it, only to fuck people with money. They are not going to correct mistakes in the game.


- Campers among the killers

-Inadequate survivors who do not know how to play and foul up your profile with the fact that you are guilty of all sins

-A huge amount of bugs

- Lobby search problems

-It has to constantly look for the lobby through "playing with friends", because If you just go through the "game for the survivor," then an endless download begins

I do not recommend to spend money for this product in which a lot of errors and with disgusting developers who do not care about it. I hope that someday, when their online falls, they will start thinking about these things.

Score 4 out of 10


  • Co-op
  • Atmosphere
  • Large selection of characters
  • Idea
  • Developers
  • Buggs, Imbalance
  • Aggressive players
  • Constant crashes and freezes
  • Campers and a whole bunch of other cons