Reviews by DIRK GENTLY

Headlander is a hoopy frood that is held back by poor design decisions Read More
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A kickstarter success that lives up to its promises. Read More
Snakebird might just be the strangest-yet-happiest puzzle game I have ever played. Read More
An ode to old school platformers from the NES heyday, Blood of the Werewolf tries to be many things at once and mostly… Read More
One More Dungeon combines roguelike mechanics with an FPS that harkens back to a time when flat sprites on a 3D plane… Read More
Despite the impressive-sounding name, Loot Hero DX struggles to capture the essence of what constitutes actual gameplay. Read More
Deadlight proves you can take cinematic platformers and give them the zombie treatment. Read More
A tense psychological thriller that relies on a smarter use of jump scares, but seems to strangely ignore the one thing… Read More