Reviews by MACAST

A game where you can create planes, cars, submarines, motorcycles, hover bikes, and so forth.… Read More
This is a casual puzzle game where you eat and try not to be eaten. Oh, and don't overeat! Read More
This cartoony game is where a side scrolling fighting game meets a comic book. Read More
Vent your frustration about the corporate grind. Read More
A super pun-y weapon shop management game. Read More
In a world where you're tasked with retrieving a girl, you end up killing almost everyone in… Read More
Graveyard Keeper is a decent farming, crafting, and resource management game. You will manage a… Read More
If you like resource and colony / city management, this game is right up your alley. Read More
This game is gorgeous. Like seriously gorgeous. The most beautiful casual game I've ever… Read More
A game that that has beautiful music, a memorable story, and gorgeous visuals! Read More