Yet Another Zombie Defense

Survival of the Luckiest

When you begin the game there is only one game mode available: Defense.  Defense is the game mode where you try to survive night by night.  Each day the zombies get tougher, hit harder, and run faster.  The first few nights are a good chance to get used to how the game-play works, accustom yourself with the controls, and figure out your play style.  As you kill the zombies there is a random chance to get a money drop or a power-up.  The power-ups will despawn after a time, but the money will automatically be gathered.  The power-ups vary as well.  One will give you invisibility, while another will grant you invulnerability, a faster reload speed, health, or faster movement speed.

Apart from the power-ups, the money is another vital part of the game.  Unless the player chooses to kite, run, and lead the zombies away in circles, money is one of the only ways to survive.  There are a variety of items to purchase, from shotguns to flamethrowers and from barricades to landmines.  Each item has it's uses, but none last forever against the growing tides of the zombies.  This game mode tests the fortitude and strategy of the player.

The End

The other game modes are the Endless mode and the Deathmatch mode.  In each of these modes the player does not have the option to buy new guns or items, but must use what drops to survive.  Luck can overcome skill in these two game modes.  In endless, the game-play is exactly what the name suggests.  This game mode tests how long the player can last.  The strength and number of zombies increases drastically.  There are challenges to survive past 3 and 5 minutes.  The zombies do drop items from time to time, but the player must decide if the item is worth possibly getting surrounded or hurt, if not killed by the zombies.

The last game mode is the Deathmatch mode.  Each of the players work to kill the others, while trying not to die from the zombies and other players.  It feels like the drop rate of items is higher in this mode, as the weapons and items that players can use to survive and kill appear more frequently.

If you're looking for a good game that's worth it's price, this game is a good find!

Score 7 out of 10

Different styles of game-play challenge the player and cause them to think on their feet.

The game-play is rather repetitive and monotonous. With each 3 styles of battle, each are repetitive enough that even after few battles there is little more to learn. It turns more to luck of the drop, as the weapons or items that drop can spell success or failure more than any skill.

The sounds of the game are very monotonous. The zombie groans use the same few options. The weapons use basic sounds that become either white noise or irritation. For the cheaper game on steam the sounds could definitely be worse.

Even though the game is monotonous, it is fun to see how long the player, or players, can survive. I have seen teams fail or succeed, given how the defenses are placed and on the luck of the drops. The game is more fun when working with teams to see how far you can go, how long you could survive.

This game has easy to learn and easy to use controls. It takes less than a few moments to learn the controls. Considering that the game requires the first time player to play Defense Mode, and eases the first time player into the game at a very gentle rate, it is easy to get accustomed to the controls before moving on to more difficult game modes.


  • Easy to learn
  • Never the same game
  • Co-op with other players
  • Variable game-play styles
  • Repetitive
  • Luck Based
  • Monotonous Soundtrack
  • Few Players