Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

A stressful quick-thinking party game where communication is key.
Opening Game

You begin with very simple modules that allow you to get a feel for the game and how to manipulate the bomb and for your friends, or bomb expert squad, to navigate the bomb diffusing manual. As you successfully diffuse bombs, the difficulty increases. The different modules start out easy and increase in difficulty the further along in the game you get.  There are different sections of difficulty in which you have to complete a certain number of bombs in order to progress to the next section, or higher difficulty, of bombs. 

Simple Module

For example, this module is a simple cut of the wire. Utilizing your bomb expert squad, you are going to communicate what you see on your screen and they will read back to you which wire to cut. 

Lights Out

In addition to increasing difficulty to the modules, the game will throw other challenges at you. Including the lights in the room going off. Or an alarm clock beginning to ring. You are able to snooze the sound of the alarm clock if it causes too much of a distraction, but there isn't much you can do about the lights until they come back on. It just runs down your timer. 

Flipping The Bomb

As you get further along in the game, there will be modules that require you to manipulate the bomb to allow you to see other sides of it. There may be additional modules on the back. There may be information on the sides of the bomb you need in order to successfully diffuse the bomb such as the serial number, the number of batteries, if there are any ports, and so on. Make sure you communicate clearly with your team regarding the information you see on the bomb. As well as make sure you are reading the bomb carefully. Miscommunication is the way to quickly detonate the bomb. 

Complex Modules

Once you feel like you have a hang of the game, the complex modules come out to play. Complex wiring, sequencing, and morse code are just a few examples. On top of that, some bombs will have "Needy" modules that require you to keep returning to them throughout the duration of gameplay. You may need to vent a valve and you can continue on with your other modules, only to have to go vent it again a minute later. Just keep your eye on the needy modules. The game does a good job at making sounds on the needy modules when they need attention. 

Intense Bomb
Repetitive Module Bomb

You can intensify gameplay further in the game, but you will always complete bombs with every module found in the diffusing manual. Or even having some modules repeated on the bomb. 

This is a great party game with friends you have an easy time communicating with. If you tend to play games by yourself, this one probably isn't for you. With everything in mind, it is a fun game to have, but I would wait until the game goes on sale to purchase it. 

Score 9 out of 10

Easy to navigate the modules. Initial instruction on how to manipulate the bomb is a little confusing. A little trial and error will help you figure out gameplay. Don't expect to be perfect the first time.

This game has no story. The bombs will just get more difficult the further in the game you get.

Not entirely intuitive at first, but with some practice it becomes second nature. There is no keyboard control, just simple mouse controls.

The puzzles get really tough at sometimes, but that makes it enjoyable. You have to learn to be quick and efficient in working each module. Until you figure out the bomb diffusing manual, these puzzles can be very frustrating.

There are quite a few modules you can play. However, once you master the puzzles, there would be no value in replaying the game with the same group of individuals.


  • The Visuals!
  • Music
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Variable difficulty puzzles
  • Easy to use menus / good navigation
  • Navigating the defusing manual
  • Simple errors can end games
  • Repetition
  • Overly difficult puzzles
  • Low replay value