Reviews by ASTARA ROSE

"Make Mother Proud, Don't let them forget about you!" Read More
Can you find your way outta this zombie infested disaster area? Run through each scenario and see if you can survive. Read More
Can you keep a group of survivors alive? Crash landing on a undiscovered island can bring many problems. Can you… Read More
You go camping with friends for a nice peaceful weekend, and it gets interrupted by the undead! Can you make it safely… Read More
Little Lucius is at it again, roaming around the hospital killing people to please his father the Devil. Solve puzzles… Read More
A simulation game about living through the darknesses of war. You manage your home, repair what you can, and start… Read More
This game is a horror remake of my favorite childhood game. Oregon Trail. If you have sat at those old clunky desktops… Read More
A "game" where nothing you do matters. Read More
A collection of adorable puppy dog puzzles. Read More
A fun game filled with food pictures for you to color! Read More