Final Day for Devolver's 10th Anniversary Sale

Irreverence Strikes Back

I have a confession to make. I love Devolver's games. All of them. Even ones I haven't played. Picking a favorite Devolver game is like picking a favorite child. Maybe your kids are cute like Dropsy or rad like OlliOlli or smart like The Talos Principle. Hopefully none of your kids are like Genital Jousting.

Until September 2nd (aka tomorrow), you can get your "favorite" Devolver games at up to 90% off on Steam. Apart from the above gems, here are a few more of our recommendations.

Shadow Warrior (any of them)

You play as a guy named Lo Wang. I like to lead into articles about Devolver sales with this game.

High Hell (75% Off)

If Hotline Miami and XIII had an ugly baby it would be this game.

Omnibus (90% Off)

In the interest of the consumer I should mention that this is the only game that is technically 90% off but at this price the game is worth it.

Titan Souls (75% Off)

Like a retro top-down Shadow of the Colossus but with none of the guilt.

Gods Will Be Watching (75% Off)

This game will make you feel like a bad person.

Not A Hero (75% Off)

This game will make you feel like a good person but you're actually playing as a bad person.

Hotline Miami (1 & 2 - Both 75% Off)

You are definitely a bad person in this game (and maybe also in life).

Reigns: Game of Thrones (50% Off)

Unless you're not a fan of Game of Thrones in which case you will probably tell us in the comments.

Now these are just the classics. There are plenty of new Devolver titles in the mix as well, so get yourself over to the Steam store and treat yourself this fine Labor Day weekend with some questionable morals and 9th-grade humor and pick up a few games on the cheap while you can.

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