Much Game, Very Wow, So Endless

It's really difficult to rate a game like this without showing some serious implicit bias. It's a game about a pupper who is hell bent on walking through the city despite the obvious threat of crows, chickens and open manholes. Your best defense is collecting pantsu from the passing schoolgirls. What could possibly go wrong?

This game is more enjoyable than it has any right being. The controls are meh, the hitboxes are suspect, and the powerups are probably inappropriate. However the music is going to kick you right in the mind-nuts. You'll be whistling this shit for weeks.  

Montaro opening

So what is Montaro? Well basically it's an endless runner with doge elements. It's cheeky enough to capture the hearts of people who would like a game with this kind of theme (myself included) and it has just enough content to encourage you to cover all of it. From costumes to easter eggs to the kind of achievements you can only figure out by looking at community pages, this is the kind of game that begs you to get into its little world.

Your success in the game is almost completely subject to the gods of randomness, as combinations of ledges and enemies can mean certain death based on where you are on a level. Oftentimes you are placed in that part of the level because you were forced there, and the resulting death can have you spitting and cursing, but always ready for another round, because the music is just too upbeat and you can't get mad at doge no matter how hard you try.


In typical doge fashion, your objective is to collect dogecoins (on top of not dying of course) and get as far as you can in the level by avoiding silly cats (only some of which will kill you) as well as numerous other threats. You can sometimes attack by bouncing off banana peels which throws you into a somersault. Other times the somersault will not help you.

With your dogecoins you can purchase more outfits for your doge. These are cute although I stuck with my Deal With It sunglasses most of the time. You will need all the costumes to 100% the game's achievements. You will also need a lot of pantsu. 802 to be exact. I don't know why 802.

Interactive Menu Montaro

Other little things will make you smirk. A tirelessly interactive menu for starters, a costume for One Punch Man, High scores, Steam trading cards, must-have emoticons, and a bonafide community make this one of those games that you're either in love with or you don't get it.

Part of me questions myself when I give this game an 8, but the other part of me just wants you to play it. Should I have given it a higher rating? Do yourself a favor, it's only 99 cents. Get it today.

Very worth it. Much value. So wow.

Score 8 out of 10

Pixel graphics work just fine for a title such as this, in fact it's probably the best thing for it. Nobody wants a 4k doge.

You're going to have the songs from this game stuck in your head for at least the next couple of decades.

Controlling doge can be hit or miss, sometimes it feels like you are at the mercy of RNG, and items that will kill you seem to mesh into the background.

For as forgettable as this endless runner would be in any other scenario, I founf myself playing this game to 100%. I have no idea why.


  • Much wow
  • Very endless
  • So pantsu
  • At mercy of RNG
  • Death hidden in background
  • Freaking crows and chickens