StrikeForce Kitty

It is an all out war with the Cats vs Foxes!

     StrikeForce Kitty was a mobile/browser game originally that made its way to a more polished game. You take on the role of 4 kitties from the Cat Kingdom that are recruited to rescue the Cat Princess that was abducted by the Fox Empire. The game is an RPG Lite with stat increases, sets of armor to collect, a wide variety of weapons to equip, and a ton of levels to play and replay through.

     The game mechanics are rather simplistic in design and you will only use the mouse button to Jump as the party automatically moves to the right. You have to jump over objects, run into portals, jump over cliffs, and bounce off other solid objects to move the other direction. The combat is simply running into an enemy or a group of them and the game auto-attacks for both teams until a side is defeated.

The Fox Army
The foxes mean business!
The Princess is stolen and the foxes make their escape!

     As you progress through the story and levels, all of the foxes are dressed up as some pretty recognizable characters. You will see everything from Sailor Moon to Mortal Kombat to even South Park. Some enemies take up to 3 times to kill before you get their outfit completely; Hat, Shirt, and Weapon. Each item has bonuses to your cat's stats and you can mix and match as you see fit. Collecting a full set will also earn you level ups in your team bonus skills, allowing your skills to inflict more damage as they level up as well.

Your team and enemies
Your team can look like Barney Rubble, Terminator, Freddy Krueger, or Harry Potter!
Every level will show you what is unlockable in that specific level. It will also tell you what skills you will need to complete all of the challenges with the level.
The customization is extremely high in the game. Each piece is equippable and has its own unique stats.
Equippable Team Bonuses and Item Boosts. They will level up as your complete outfits are collected. Mix and match as you get 1 skill per cat.

     Boss fights are pretty simple as you are limited on what you can do, and you have to beat them 4 times at the minimum to get the Crown for the stage. Each time you defeat the Boss, it will get stronger and have more Hit Points. Be prepared! These Bosses will taunt you through the stage, mock you on your deaths, and will eventually unlock the next Zone when they die.

Bowser? Oh, Foxser!
Don't mess with large robots!

     As you progress through the levels, you will collect different color fish. These fish are upgrade tokens for your stats. The upgrades start off slow, just a couple of hundred, but by the time I was at the end of the game they were about 7,000+ to upgrade 1 stat!

     There are other ways to unlock things and gain bonuses. There is a Cafe that will give you buffs for a certain amount of time. There is also a Spinning Wheel that costs you 30 gold coins to spin.

     The Cafe is pretty self explanatory as the amount of money charged never changes. Mousing over the food will show you what the Buff does and how long it will last.

     The Spinning Wheel will always take 30 coins to spin, but it is a bit random on the prizes. You can get Fish, Money, Clothing, Weapons, or Nothing when you spin it. Once you get to a high enough level, all you are really after is the Clothing and Weapons as the Fish and Money are petty prizes when it costs Thousands to upgrade 1 stat.

The Rocky Theme really sells the Upgrades area.
Le Cafe
Round and round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows!

     Overall, the game is a lot of fun but it can feel repetitive after a while. The replay for the collectors for that 100% is high as each level will require at least 3 playthroughs to collect everything. It is a recommended game for the younger crowd as it is just 1 click combat, but it is tough enough for adults who want to get that 100% and figure out what team setup is required to get through a specific level.

When the Cake is a lie and you are being controlled by a Power Ranger Fox!!!
Score 8 out of 10

It really is just a click on the mouse as the game runs automatically. It does lack a controller support, even though it is in the Launcher.

It reminds me of something like Scribblenauts and Castle Crashers having a furry baby. Very stylized, but lots of outfits to swap.

The music is a bit repetitive after a while, and some tracks are really good in short bursts. The sound effects are kind of drab as well, very bland and lack that OOMPH you want sometimes.

You will need to grind, you will want to collect all the outfits, you will play over and over again.


  • A wide variety of clothing options.
  • Some "familiar" music.
  • Very easy to pick up and play.
  • Repetitive.
  • The game will sometimes soft freeze, but you can still use the "restart" button.
  • Annoying TXT message that pop up from the good of bad guys.
  • Needs an "optimization" button for gear.
  • Foxes are the bad guys :(