Miniature TD - VR

Tower Defense games have always been a crowd favorite, but this time we enter the 3D planescape with Voxel art!

     Miniature TD is a very small Tower Defense game utilizing the Voxel art style on a few game boards. It only has 2 levels, but has quite the arsenal with additional weapons that are not permanent place settings. Like any Tower Defense game, there is a spawning section, and enemies traverse across the map to attack your "base" and defeat you.

     The game does not bring anything amazing to the Tower Defense genre outside of being in VR. You look down at the game board and go through 24 Waves before you get into Unlimited Wave Mode, but I do suggest you hit up the Tutorial Map first as the weapon instructions are very helpful.


     As mentioned, there are only 2 maps for the game and this really hurts it from being something that will stick beyond the novelty item. There is a Dungeon stage and a Desert Land/City, both have their quirks and the Desert is a little more interesting due to the looping path the mobs take instead of the finite end that the dungeon has.


     The game has a lot of different in-game options that modify the looks and feel of the game, including dropping down from the top-down view to the First Person view to flamethrower and missile things on the ground!


     The price is an amazing bargain, and even for those who are not big into Tower Defense games, it is a lot of fun. I do recommend sitting down with the game for a few hours, you will not regret it. It is easy to pick up and fun for all ages.

Score 7 out of 10

For the most part, the controls handle very well. You pick up the weapon you want to put down and then you place it on the game board. The only issue you may have is attempting to grab it and it not really grabbing properly, the flamethrower and missile gun often grab at funny angles.

Very stylized Voxel environment. I really dug the animations and art style.

The sound is decent for most things, but the Anti-Aircraft Towers will make an obnoxious missile sound that will begin to get on your nerves. Those with bleeding headphones may have others in the room tell you to turn the sounds down because it is annoying them as well.

Pretty average replay value. There are only 2 game boards, but each has 3 different difficulty settings. You can also unlock Endless Mode, but the novelty will wear soon.

7 - Above Average. You can move around in the environment a bit and your hand is responsible for placing new weapons on the board. You will also have 2 hand guns that you can control at any time. It is mostly a standing still or sitting environment and it is simple enough for younger players.


  • Voxel art combat
  • The amount of weapons, plus the handguns
  • Cannot beat the price
  • Not enough levels
  • Some game audio is grating after a while
  • Has issues grabbing objects sometimes.