Cat Quest

     Cat Quest starts you off as a poor cat who gets his sister catnapped from their family boat. Upon losing your sister, the evil wizard nukes your boat, leaving you for dead. You awaken with a Spirit Guide on a beach just outside the Mewtown off Felingard Beach. Not knowing much other than needing to rescue your sister, you are eventually led on a series of quests that mark you as a Dragonborn and you are off to slay dragons and take out the evil cat mage!


     The world is large and the map can be zoomed out at any time. There are dozens of towns, caves, and random monsters to kill to gain levels. The combat is very Zelda like, hit with sword or cast a spell and nuke near you. The best way to gain XP is to do the quests for any town and villager who may have them. The towns include a Board that has quests, as they are available to you, and you head of to pawventures! There is an Arrow Marker that will point you in the direction to where you need to be, just watch out for the dangerous areas as some quests will take you into a very high level area as a shortcut. If you die.... well, that is easy. You get a "Game Over" screen, but it puts you in the last town or save point you were at, so you won't lose too much time.


     It is very easy to upgrade your weapons and spells. Your inventory pretty much handles all of that and there is no real need to dig into it unless you are looking for specific pieces. If you find another of the same weapon, it does not add it, instead it buffs the current weapon you already have. So that Magic Wand lv. 2 may become Magic Wand lv.9 with all of its stats boosted accordingly! Very handy when you are at Kit Cat's Blacksmith Shoppe and you are just buying random items. When I mean Random, I mean it. You spend either 50 or 5000 gold and you will get a random item inside. Kind of like Loot Boxes from games like Overwatch or Star Wars Battlefront. Odd mechanic, but it is still fun!

     You will gain extra abilities such as Water Walking and Flight as you progress through the story, so those islands are only unreachable until you drop the 3rd Dragon and flight comes from the 4th. Once you take out the 4th Dragon, you will have seen the whole map, and run into the undead looking areas that have Level 99 dungeons! Ya, you won't be doing these on your first run and they are for New Game+ and Mew Game. New Game+ just starts you all over again with your items and levels, Mew Game has so many extra options that will give you sweet bonuses!!!

The bottom line is this, get this game! It is a lot of fun and I sat and played it until I beat it. I was nowhere near 100% of a playthrough before I killed the last boss, and it still took about 6 hours to beat. I am planning on finishing my Mew Game run, hoping the last boss fight is better than the standard playthrough, but I really doubt that will happen. Get this game.... did I say that already? It is fun for all ages as I am a parent and enjoyed the humor, my munchkin like killing things as a cute character.

4th Dragon
Level 99!??!!? WHAT?!?!?!
Mew Game

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Best Weapon in the Game!!!!
Score 9 out of 10

The toonish artstyle works great for the world created.

Very good soundtrack and great use of sound throughout the game.

It gets higher marks as a Controller game than a Keyboard game. I do recommend using a controller unless you absolutely cannot, this really feels like a console game than a WADS+Mouse game.

After you beat the game, there are a bunch of other dungeons that are setup at level 99, I beat the game at 50, so there is plenty of replay. Plus "Mew Game" is unlocked.


  • Great adeventure RPG game.
  • The cat puns are great.
  • Extra Dungeons and Mew Game.
  • Ease of upgrading gear.
  • The final boss battle was a huge let down.
  • The story was predictable, and just "ends".