Butterfly Moment

A simple game collecting butterflies.

     Butterfly Moment VR has very simplistic rules: Grab a net with 1 hand, Collect butterflies, and Collect more butterflies to unlock zones. There is not much else than that to the game. You can play the game sitting, standing, or standing with Room Scale on.

     The only scoreboard you really have is on the "Instructions Screen", and it is a bit confusing what you are supposed to do. You actually need to Warp forward in order to get the game to start. It took me a few minutes to understand that, but that is something I think should be mentioned.


     As you progress through the game, you will come up to blockers that inform you that a zone is locked and requires X amount of butterflies to unlock. When you get to these roadblocks, you do not have to turn around as teleporting again will take you back into what I dub the "Rotation of Zones." What is this "rotation of zones" you ask? You cannot go wherever you want, when you want. You begin at Zone 1, you press a button combo and it will take you to Zone 2, and so on until you reach the last available Zone and then restart the circle. If you do not have, say, Zone 4 unlocked, it will go back to Zone 1. This is a very unfortunate part of the game's mechanics as I would rather go from Zone 2 to 3 and maybe back to 2 instead of being forced to 4 and having to go all the way around to get back to 2. I accidentally progressed Zones a few times, so it was irritating having to flip through them all in order to get back to where I was.

Beach locked.

     There are some nice areas to look at, even if you feel a bit limited on where you can move in your zone. The sections by the river are nice, and I was particularly drawn to the cliff, as it looks over a lot of the available play area.


This section is actually above the second area. I did not realize it at first until I looked down over the ledge.


     While it was fun thrashing around capturing butterflies. If you are standing still, it feels like everything spawns directly behind you, so just turn around every-so-often and you will see huge clusters of butterflies. A lot of times, you could just swing the net behind you without looking and feel the controller vibrating a lot as you captured a dozen or so butterflies that where right behind you.

Butterflies attack!

     While Butterfly Moment VR is a very simple game, it is just too simple and does not bring anything to the table Its enjoyment factor dies off quickly, and once you get 700ish butterflies to unlock the last zone, there really is no need to ever return to it. If you find it on sale on Steam and you have younger ones who want to collect things, it may be a good pick up. Just remember, VR games are not intended for children under 13. 

Score 4 out of 10

For a game that it just a simple net swinging to collect butterflies, it has a few issues with actual movement. You really need to make sure that you are using Room Scale, to move a bit more freely. The movement to zones is very unintuitive.

It is a decent cartoon world, but it does not have a lot of 'life' to it. The butterflies are textureless and often appear to only have 1 wing as they flutter.

Very dry audio. There is no background music, the nature sounds are very simple, and creates a very boring environment.

You will play to unlock all of the zones, but that is about it.

5 - Light Immersion You pretty much stand still, but with Room Scale on, you have a bit more freedom. You should not feel queasy as you are moving with the game. You can play the game sitting, but it is harder to collect butterflies.


  • Something other than an FPS to play.
  • Any age could play this.
  • Very light VR immersion, so you shouldn't get sick.
  • 15-20 minutes of gameplay.
  • World is lifeless.
  • Moving from zone to zone always goes forward.