The Forest

Survive against the cruel environment and cannibals on an island.

The Forest is an open world survival horror game. Build, explore, survive in this terrifying first person survival horror simulator. Developed and published by Canadian studio Endnight Games. 

 The player character Eric Leblanc and his son Timmy are survivors of a plane crash. Timmy gets kidnapped. You have to find your son while surviving on the Island. Something is wrong with the Island. There are cannibals and they want you.

Timmy getting kidnapped by someone.
Timmy getting kidnapped by someone.
  •  You will need shelter, water and food to survive. To fight off the cannibals, you will set up traps, make walls, craft or found new weapons.


First day shelter
First day shelter.
  • There are different types of enemies you will encounter: Cannibals, Mutants and Animals. There are also lots of cannibal, mutant and animal types that will try to kill you on this damn Island. You better start crafting armor and medicines for future fights.
  • There are lots of things to explore. Lots of caves, camps, cannibal camps, ships, underwater caves etc.
The Forest's Whole Map
The Forest's Whole Map
  • Of course there is a story but game gives you an open world ready to be explored. You can try to save your son fast as possible or you can make yourself a nice home with lots of defenses, having a vacation. I recommend everyone to finish the game at least for once. It has a story that will make your jaw-drop.
  • Playing with your friends is really fun in this game. Building a base against mutants and cannibals, forming a new tribe on the island, exploring the caves together and fighting etc.
Co-op / Credits:  Broadbent
Co-op / Credits: Broadbent

My personal opinion: I really love this game. It has a special part in my heart. Brings back my memories of making a tribe with my friends. Back then we didn't had a story to finish so we were messing around. Making lots of buildings. Slaying every cannibals we can. First time encounter with a cannibal is really scary. I couldn't play it alone. Playing alone always was a problem for me. Getting scared or bored for some reason. Actually the Forest is more of a sandbox game where you build. Making custom buildings is really awesome. Designing your own house, making a tribe with your friends. Shortly, I suggest you to play with your friends.

I recommend this game anyone that loves survival or horror games. Game is still getting updates and love from developers. It recently got released. When you purchase the game you get the whole game. Must buy.

Score 8 out of 10

Graphics and atmosphere are wonderful.

Creepy enemy sounds and outstanding musics changes to what you are doing.

Simple controls, resource managing, simple combat but it's hard to be good.

The story is amazing, but it's really hard to achieve it.


  • Amazing open world.
  • A lot to explore.
  • Lots of craftable items and buildable things.
  • Very fun co-op.
  • Constantly cannibals and mutants attacking. (Every day passes, game gets harder.)
  • Hard story mode.