Europa Universalis IV

Will you conquer the whole world, make your nation swim in money, colonize the New World or endless possibilities ?

 Europa Universalis IV is a grand strategy video game in the Europa Universalis series, developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox InteractiveThe game was released on 13 August 2013.

 You get to control a nation from 1444 to 1821. You conquer new provinces, colonize, trade, develop, build your nation and compete with other nations. You make great alliances but be careful, they can backstab you whenever they want. Are you going to conquer the world, make a wealthy nation or rule over the world with your diplomatic actions?

Europe 1444 (Start date)
Europe 1444 (Start date)

 In this game you can choose any nation from any date. This makes it very cool. There is always more nations to experience. Every beginner should start playing as Ottomans. One of the most powerful nation in Europa Universalis IV. Playing Ottomans, you will start learning things like how to manage your economy, moving your armies, army compositions, diplomacy, declaring wars etc.

  • When two enemy armies meet each other in a province, battle brokes out. Whoever got better stats, wins. Loosing army wipes out or retreats. If province has a castle, you have to win the siege. It takes four-twelve months to win a siege. If you are unlucky, it can hold for years.
Battle of Constantinople
Battle of Constantinople
  • There are three ways to earn lots of money: Taxation, Production, Trade. If you have a small nation with a great trade region, you can earn lots of money by just trading. If you are a big empire your main income will be taxation. On late games, production increases a lot. With a few workshops and factories you'll be making lots of money.
Trade and Economy tabs
Trade and economy tabs.
  •  You have three mana bars: Administration, Diplomacy and Military. With these you advance technologies, research ideas or develop your provinces. You have to use your points wisely. You gain mana points from your leader and advisors. If your leader and advisors are good you get more points.
Mana points, Technology and Ideas tabs.
Mana points, Technology and Ideas tabs.

 You need to have esential dlcs or you will not have fun. That's it. I know it sounds stupid but this is what Paradox famous off.

 In this game AI is like annoying smart kid. Will annoy you, has awesome reaction time (Because its AI), but its still a kid so you will always found some tactics to deal with it. I wish AI was more like a human than a robot. 

 If you like grand-strategy games or searching for one, this is definitely for you. With lots of nations, game mechanics, different ways to play, it’s hard to get bored. I’ve played it over 800+ hours still I am playing as different countries I’ve never played or setting goals for myself.

My ultra stronk Albanian body.
My ultra stronk Albanian body.
Mr Stark I dont feel so good...
Mr Stark I dont feel so good...
Score 8 out of 10

Great graphics and map. Very detailed.

Very good battle sounds and background musics.

Has polished very well.


  • Massive steam workshop and mod support.
  • Replayability.
  • Lots of nations from history and lots of start dates.
  • Has great multiplayer community.
  • Constantly getting new content. (Most of them are dlcs.)
  • Needs auto combat option for armies. (For more casual gamers)
  • Artificial Intelligence annoying, sometimes stupid.
  • The game runs on single core, 32 bit, which makes the game run very slowly in the late games.
  • You have to buy all the dlcs to experience the whole game which cost a lot.