Kill It With Fire

Did NOT cure my arachnophobia!

I had an interesting time in 'Kill It With Fire'. I did not make it past the 3rd mission, so it remains an unfinished game in my Steam library (in perpetuity). I knew before downloading the game that I had a fear of spiders but thought: maybe I could help overcome that by eliminating a few virtual spiders in this game. 

The graphics of this game are straightforward, and the colors are elementary and vibrant. The soundtrack of this game is meant to keep you on the edge of your seat, with violin and piano tones that made my skin tingle as I cautiously made my way through the game. You can hear the spiders crawling and squeaking, too. (EW!)

The game starts you in a hallway of a house, and you are instructed to pick up items to inspect their surfaces for spiders that may be hiding on them. The buttons for doing this are simple (I used a keyboard and mouse); 'E' grabs items, 'RMB' (right mouse button) rotates the items in your hand, 'LMB' (left mouse button) throws the item out of your hand, and pressing 'E' again drops the item out of your hand.

Your search will have you looking through drawers, behind picture frames, around TV screens, and there will be locked doors that you can access after you've killed enough spiders. The number will be shown on the items that require a certain amount of spiders to unlock that door, drawer, or item. While searching for spiders, you also have a chance to come across new weapons or tools to help kill spiders more effectively. You start with a clipboard that you use to smack the spiders that you find, and the first weapon I found was a hairspray/lighter combo. Killing them with fire was much more fun than smacking them with the clipboard. Later, I obtained a pistol and a shotgun, but went through a lot of ammo as the spiders are tiny. 

When you've killed enough spiders to unlock the 'Exit' door, you leave that level to continue to the next mission. Each mission has its own set of objectives, and the clipboard that you started killing spiders with, has those objectives on it. I experienced 2 new types of spider in the 2nd mission, and a (BIG!) furry spider at the beginning of the 3rd one hiding in a pizza box; in which I promptly closed the game, for forever.

I give 'Kill It With Fire' a rating of 8/10, because the game is easy to understand, and doesn't need a supercomputer to run it. I withhold 2 stars because I hate spiders & love pizza! Also, why do they have to jump straight at you as soon as you find them?!

An image of the First Mission Screen
First Mission
An image of a room and the player holding a clipboard
The "smacking" clipboard that has a list of objectives written on it.
An image of a mess room
Made a mess looking for spiders
An image showing the destruction of fire
Killing it with Fire
An image of the player holding a pistol
An image of a tool to help the player find the location of spiders
A tool to help find the precise location of spiders
An image of an Exit door
An Exit Door
An image of the developers announcing the making of the second game
They're gonna make a second game!?
Score 8 out of 10


  • You can kill spiders !
  • There's spiders...and you can hear them...