Sir You Are Being Hunted

Can you find all the fragments and make if off the islands alive?

This game is an open world survival game.  It creates an unique British countryside, complete with islands, for you to roam around.  These islands are more than just beautiful places, they are infested by killer robots, who are hunting you for sport.  You must sneak about the island, set traps, or destroy the robots to survive.  You are looking for fragments that are scattered all about the islands.


This game is pretty easy to play, but hard to beat. As you progress and get more and more fragments returned to the standing stones, the robots grow in number and type. 


Every game is unique with it's British Countryside generator, which makes repeatability unique.  There is also a multiplayer mode that you can try to escape with other people.


The robots are smart, and have many ways to find you.  Hot air balloons fly about try to find you in the dark places..  Best bet is to keep moving. 


Depending on what you choose at the start, your character will have several helpful items.  You can collect items out of places, and you can also collect things growing.  You can shoot or kill wild animals for food. But beware about making too much noise, or staying at a cooking fire for too long.



There are usually two doors to every house with different things in each, search everywhere!

Not every item is safe to eat, or helpful to collect.


Beware when consuming alcohol, there are lasting effects.


Fire pits let you cook the wild game you collect or find.  You will also need some matches, and maaybe if you have some room, some spices too. 


Traveling from island to island can be done by boat, it is also a save area if you are far away from the standing stones.


The boats bring you to different places on the archipelago, keep looking for those fragments.


Beware of swimming around to escape robots, they are a little tougher than you think!


There are several things the game keeps track of upon death.  What can you get for a score??


This game was a lot of fun to play, like a giant deadly game of capture the flag. It is a lot of fun playing with others too, but beware. Sometimes with more people its easier to get caught.  I wish there were achievements to earn, but it is a lot of fun running and hiding.  Its very humorous and I love that each time the world changes a bit. Definitely going to play this one over and over. 

Score 8 out of 10

Works and runs smoothly on my computer. But it doesnt like anything else to be open with it.

There are several scenarios to try in single player survival. But its also a lot of fun playing in multiplayer with other people.

Nothing is too complicated, and some buildings repeat. But everything looks and sounds great.


  • Two different Modes to try.
  • Exciting gameplay.
  • Open world roaming.
  • Making custom worlds to try out different strategies.
  • Can be a bit repetitive.
  • Can be really hard at times.
  • No Steam achievements