Organ Trail Directors Cut

Zombie Virus right in the Childhood.
There are very simple menus and options.

There are so many different things to unlock in this game.

Collecting Skulls
There are many different ways to unlock things.

There is in game achievements, and also steam achievements. 

Can you collect them all?

There is also another hidden mini game... Can you find it?

Hidden Game
Can you make it there and back?
There are a few options when choosing your character, and many ways to unlock new ones.

Unlike the simple wagon we used to roam the territory with, hoping for a better life,  we now get a few options.  But they need to be unlocked.


We start with a simple station wagon.. Can we keep it fixed?  There are ways to collect scrap and fix up the car yourself, but its not very easy.

Station Wagon
Good Ol' Woody!
Duct tape fixes everything!
Duct tape fixes everything!

There are a few different forks in the road, the more you risk... sometimes the more rewards.

Which way will you choose? Safe? or Risky?
You may come across many weird things on the road.
Dysentery Who?
Dysentery Who?

Beware of roadside distractions, tombstones can be dangerous in this world. 

Double tap
Always remember, Double tap.

Every town has different things they offer. 

Don't touch that book!
Can you make it there?

You can resupply and sell overstocked goods, trade, or do jobs to get the things you need to move forward.  

Job board
Help!! Wanted.
Good luck! Most of these jobs are dangerous! But Rewarding.

Party members can get sick or hurt randomly.  Resting sometimes may be the only option to keep everyone healthy.  There are ways you can scavenge food on the road.  

Fishing while resting can offer much needed respite, and fish!  

Fishing is always healing..
Here fishy fishy!
Heeeree fishy fishy fishyyy...
Collect all the different types of fish!
Fishing may be an option..... But depending on where you are, it may not be helpful..

Resting, keeping everyone fed, and keeping the vehicle fixed can be a hard task.  


But going out on the open road during an apocalypse there are many hazards on the road.

Ramps and road rage?
Crazy bikers are NO match for the station wagon...

Radiation zones can cause many headaches, and of course bring their own special random events.  Radiation sickness can be a tough thing to beat.  Make sure you are well stocked and repaired before you travel into these areas. 

rad zone
Glowing in the dark is only fun when it's an option.
If you think you have everything covered, you know nothing.

Beware of zombie hoards, you may be left defending your party at a moments notice.  Always keep ammo.

Click, Click, BOOM!

When low on food, you can scavenge for things you need.  But beware, you are not alone. 

Get what you need and get out!
Just keep moving...

Finally once you get to the Safe haven, you have one more quest to get in.  Fill those generators and save your party!!

Are we safe yet??
You get a small window of help from your friends.
Yaas! We finally made it!
You get different points for many things, can you beat your top score?

This game for me was the perfect blend of a childhood favorite, and my favorite horror genre.  There is plenty of nostalgia when playing this gem.  There are many mini games to keep you entertained and many ways to manage your trip.  I have spent several hours on this game, and can spend several more.  I recommend it to everyone!  

Score 10 out of 10

Brings me right back to my apple computer in 6th grade. Love the retro graphics and sound effects.

There are many different options to choose, and many different routes to take. There are also many random events that you can choose. Take different vehicles, choose different options.

There are many different mini games, but everything is explained very well.


  • Mini games a plenty.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Retro Graphics.
  • Easy to play.
  • Different ways to play.
  • Zombies!
  • Darn Radiation sickness!