Friday the 13th: The Game

Camp Crystal Lake awaits, Time to make Mother proud...

You can play as Jason or the counselors.  But let's face it, we all know the fun part of this game is playing Jason.   "Make Mother Proud,  Don't let them forget about you."  Haunts us all.  Stalk around in the different maps, destroying things and killing counselors.  You can play in online mode with other people, or you can stalk around in single player mode with bots or try the many challenges available.


You can increase your stats to make things easier to hide as a counselor, or increase Jason's abilities to prevent anyone from escaping. 


The Graphics in this game fit the mood perfectly. The sound effects and background noises are well placed to give the player the creeps.

"Make Mother Proud."
Only a face a mother could love...

There are many brutal aspects of the game.. The cinematics of this game are very well done.


Totally has super rad 80s nostalgia feelings too!

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- AH- AH- AH- AHHHHHH

It was a bit tricky at first to figure out all the game mechanics, but after that it was all doom all the time.  Stalking around the different maps and hunting the counselors in the 80s horror movie setting was so fun.  Seriously creepy nostalgic fun! Highly recommend to any cheesy horror movie genre fan!!  

Score 10 out of 10

Ch- Ch- Ch- Ch- AH- AH- AH- AHHHHHH

There are many ways to enjoy this game. It runs easily on my computer and is easy to control.

You Can play as either Jason, or the counselors. You can also set the difficulties to give yourself a real challenge.

There are many things to try, and achievements to collect for this game.


  • Perfectly dark and creepy
  • Easy gameplay.
  • Customizable character stats, and upgrades.
  • Many game modes to choose from.
  • Steam Achievements
  • Can be rather difficult.
  • Some game mechanics are tricky to operate.